Dear friends of kart racing!!!!

We present the latest generation of HUBI-KART HK7  200ccm / 8 Horsepower. And that is not enough: For our kart racing-friends we have got a new kar-course. From now on you can drive with our new HUBI-KART and break a new record! Enjoy!

2016KartcenterSiegRennenFotoPrinzSCHNAPPENat 2016ModelleKartsOesterreichFotoPrinzSCHNAPPENat 2016SarahUndMichelleInKottingbrunnerKartcenterFotoPrinzSCHNAPPENat HK15GoKartHubiKartOesterreichFotoPrinzSCHNAPPENat HK15SpitzenKartImKartcenterKottingbrunnFotoPrinzSCHNAPPENat Hubikart1 Hubikart2 Hubikart3 Hubikart4 Hubikart5